Discover the benefits of donating food and other things to a charitable organisation

Keen to become a little bit more altruistic? It can be much more advantageous to yours and others' well being than you may have initially thought!

An interesting advantage of donating to charity which might not spring to mind at first is the benefit it does oneself as the donor. When you look a bit more into research studies that have been delivered on the topic, you’ll start to notice that the benefits of donating to charity stretch much further than the good it does for the beneficiary. Studies have found that there are actually considerable health perks of giving money away to an excellent cause, with some even showing an enhanced level of dopamine and general happiness in the brain afterwards. In addition to all this, donating money to others gives you a feeling of purpose and you will be able to feel like you are making a serious difference to someone’s life, which truly represents why charity is important. An advocate of charitable living is Craig Newmark, who has donated a significant amount over the years.

It’s difficult to consider the benefits of charity without talking about the advantages it can bring to people who are in need. As much as many people don’t confess to themselves, the majority of us are in a somewhat fortunate position compared to some other individuals. Considering the struggles some individuals go through in their day to day existence is one of the main motivations for giving to charity. Some people are born into not so privileged circumstances and can do absolutely nothing about this, so it is important for those who are more privileged to help everyone know the societal benefits of giving to charity. What may appear like a small amount of money to one person, can mean a great deal for another; when this is taken into consideration, it puts things into perspective and you can truly begin to appreciate the good of doing charitable things. Michael De Picciotto is an individual who has done charitable work prior to now, so will undoubtedly appreciate this.

Giving money away doesn’t have to be the only strategy of charity giving if budgets are tight, you can also contribute time if that works better for you. This works both ways, if you don’t have the time to volunteer for a charity then contribute money alternatively, but it is great to try and do at least one. The two of these ways of charity are very rewarding, but there are actually alternative benefits of volunteering for organisations that you will find. For instance, getting engaged in the day-to-day processes of a charity can give you a much better understanding and respect for the work they’re doing. Jay Alix is an individual who has been well affiliated with charity in the past and can possibly attest to the personal benefits of doing charity work as well.

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